A space in which to fuel your energy

A healthy and active lifestyle and academic success go hand in hand. For many years, the Aramark team has delivered new and healthier meal options, as well as comfort food and international cuisine toNRG Zone cater to young people’s diverse and evolving tastes and preferences.

Variety and healthy options on the NRG Zone menu

Our chefs and nutritionists collaborate closely to build menus that are aligned with each school’s policy and the Quebec Education and Higher Education Ministry’s Framework Policy on Healthy Eating and Active Living, entitled ”Going the Healthy Route at School.”

Here are examples of menu options:

Meet-free Monday features fish, whole wheat, vegetables, fruits and dairy products

  • Focus on local products and produce whenever possible
  • Meals derived from new, innovative and tasty recipe ingredients that contain less saturated fat, sodium and sugar
  • Several à la carte menu options also allow for students to build their own complete meals, well-balanced snacks or to supplement their brown-bag lunches